Saturday, July 18, 2015

.make a change.

hey there:)
just wanna tell you all that,everyone suffered from their inner thought(the excessive one)

at least i can tell you that,i was,maybe am still suffering from some of my over thinking behavior,which most of the time of my life(1/4) am in a depressed mode
i isolate people,i put the blame on the love one or to everyone,blaming them on nothing,putting my emotional burden on them

In the real fact is,everyone suffered
most of them not showing it to others
most of them ignoring it
most of them living with it
most of them die from the inside

am sorry for putting my emotional burden to the others,showing those "faces"
like the whole world owe me a big time

no one responsible for your bad day,
no one responsible for your hard times
no one responsible for your past
no one does

whenever people gv your hard time,keep it to yourself,give others a good time
whenever people upset you,keep it to yourself,give others a smile

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hormonal games

Hi all! or hi me!

It just another day that i have been stuck in the room,literally
When all the emotions started to setting in and making me sinking into the sea of deep thought (Hormonal games on!)
Yes!i felt mistreated!i do not know what's/re the exact reasons why am feeling like this
(maybe am just trying avoid overthink about it)
This is the time,where i needed and misses her the most!
Because i know that,she's always the place i would wanna go for no matter good or bad things happened
Because i know that she love me and protect me whole heartedly like no one does
Her rough hands that used to comfort me
i misses all of that :(
 i love you mom,please stay happy at the other side of the world
promise me you will party hard up there

still you little girl, 
                            <3 div="">

Monday, December 2, 2013

.another conversation by my own.

just not belong to anywhere
not here and there
where's the best comfort of all?
be with my own
my family,i guess
sometimes,you just wanna have a chat with that particular person
guess that,the person won't be 24/7 available for u isn't it
why am talking to myself so much?
because i need to
is my habit
always felt good talking to myself
although it get really twisted sometimes when you hv too much conversation on your own
screw it, i don't care

told you that,she looks so much like my mom
i hold your hand and walk by your side today,step by step
i just miss you,mom ;)


because at the end,we will be alone.
learn to be the best companion for ourselves
and do not dependent on others,no matter how much you want

Saturday, November 30, 2013

.good side.

when you have a face full of acne or pimples or scars
you will become very humble at that time
because u felt that , am not everybody's face( smooth and pretty)
you tends to be so humble and smile cheerfully
you just left with a cheerful smile :D

is not that bad right,thinks the good side

. coming back.

when shit just happened in your life,
you had 0 idea in reacting it
you left no choice but to stay slumber in reacting it
that's the best reaction isn't it?
eventually,you will know how to react towards it
you will start to feel emotional
you will cry out of nowhere
you just another walking dead that time
you soul slowly drifted away 
you are not you
you lost yourself in everything
it swallowing you bit by bit

this is the truth,the way i experienced.
Even it happened few years ago,but deep down you lost a piece
and you can't gain it back forever
 you found yourself sometimes, but you lost yourself most of the time

this silence surrounds me, thanks God, i became an observer
i've started to realize that i am that self pity all the way long

it's okay to be emotional,but not pitying own self all the time.
Get up and start working.